Gaze Burvill | Amity

21st March, 2023

We're excited to share with you Gaze Burvill's new special edition seat 'Amity'. For each of the first 100 seats sold, Gaze Burvill is donating £100 to Action Oak to support our mission. These special edition seats will feature the Action Oak ribbon discreetly carved into the lower back slat. We're delighted to share more information about the limited edition seat below. 



Meet Amity, our new special edition seat supporting Action Oak, designed to celebrate Gaze Burvill's 30 years of specialised craftsmanship and expertise in Oak. 

The contoured seat is superbly comfortable, which ensures Amity is not just for a ‘perch’ but for a good restful sit, while its streamlined design is pleasing on the eye. The contemporary simplicity of Amity allows it to be priced competitively from £2,520, yet the feel and the finish, and quality of manufacture, are of the superior standard that you'd expect from a piece of craftsman made Gaze Burvill furniture.


Images courtesy of Gaze Burvill



For each of the first 100 seats sold, Gaze Burvill is donating £100 to Action Oak, an important initiative which seeks to protect Britain's native oak trees from disease through scientific research. These special edition seats will feature the Action Oak motif discreetly carved into the lower back slat.

Images courtesy of Gaze Burvill


Ensuring that the Amity Seat has minimal environmental impact, we have specified oak solely from managed British woodlands. This locally grown and milled timber is quarter sawn, and naturally has a delightful grain character, imbuing the furniture with a real essence of the trees from which it comes. Combined with its innovative design, this has resulted in the Amity Seat being shortlisted for both a Design Guild Mark Award and the RHS Chelsea Sustainable Product of the Year Award 2023. 

While the true beauty of Amity can be seen on the outside, the ingenious innovation lies hidden within in the form of the ‘fox wedge’ - a technical master craftsman's joint, hidden from view, but with great inherent strength.


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