Plant Diseases and Biosecurity

We are excited to announce a new publication, Plant Diseases and Biosecurity (Oxford University press) where readers can explore the big picture of plant health and it’s importance to sustainable agriculture and protection of our environment. 

Primarily aimed at audiences who are new to the area of plant health or in the educational sector this books takes you on a journey with case studies highlighting the historical social impact of plant disease; a study of all the major groups of plant disease causing organisms with numerous illustrations and examples throughout; the increasing roles of technology to surveillance and diagnosis of diseases, plant health biosecurity and engagement approaches through citizen science activities and up to date management practices employed for plant health including latest molecular methods, integrated and biological controls.

The books aims to inspire readers of all ages  to understand more about the important role of plant diseases to our economy, environment and social well-being in an easy to read format.

We have received some very positive reviews about the book...

I particularly like the running theme of biosecurity, which ties the book together. After giving in-depth explanations of plant pathogen spread due to global warming, for example, it is really refreshing to read about how this is being counteracted. Hopefully this will inspire the next brood of plant biologists. For a book which is considerably smaller than most other textbooks I own (this is a good thing – no one wants to lug around heavy books), it really does pack a punch!

I found this book to be well-written and, in particular, very well illustrated. There is very good use of illustrations which colour the text with examples of diseases and pathology in plants that will be familiar to readers from their own daily encounters with nature and will help the reader remember details.

Table of Contents

1: Basic principles of plant disease
2: Fungi and fungal-like organisms
3: Plant pathogens - bacteria
4: Viruses and virus-like pathogens of plants
5: Plant biosecurity
6: Surveillance: traditional and emerging techniques used by plant health regulators
7: Disease management in crops
8: Biological controls and integrated crop management
It can be purchased for £19.99 from a number of retailers including: